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Love Is A Careless Sea

daevid allen | 04.09.2012
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Paperback collection of 30 new poems

Illustrated with photographs and some drawings

As with all good poets daevid 'leaves it on the page' in this elegantly designed volume. Read it and weep, laugh, puzzle, ponder and maybe even have the odd 'illumination'.

If any of the following titles intrigue you then dive in, you will surely be rewarded - Clock Teaser, Back From Touring, O Death I Shall Not Die For You, A Old Woman Is Born, Poem To My Son Tali, Bipolar Shift, En Chant Stress, The Wave, Time Share Karma, Who?, The Wave, In Hiding, Separation, My Friends, Madame Zero, A Person Like You, The Werewolf, I Am Your Political Experiment, Giants of Science, Seasonal Adjective Inventory, Vegetable Overture, Surface Tension, Triangular Dream, Beatrixia, Hotel Flower Style, Innocent Guile, She Says, History & Hope, Wot Love?, Broken Mouth Ocean Dream, Absence of a Kiss.

The design and layout is most expertly handled by Stefanie Petrik, who contributes an insightful addendum poem on how her relationship with himself was perhaps publically perceived.

Unlike 'soundbytes 4 tha reVelation 2012' this book is not limited, nor does it come in a stripey paper-bag. It is a 'Print on Demand' publication, so supplies come and go.