planet gong bazaar

Poet For Sale

daevid allen

The first collection of daevid's performance poetry and poems to be published since 1962!

148 pages, 59 poems. Alarmingly original. Magnificently dubious taste. Performed in concerts with Gong, Planetgong, University of Errors, Magick Brothers, Invisible Opera Company, Brainville, accoustic Duo and Solo shows and poetry readings worldwide.

A funloving playful eye catching, word-art romp with every available human feeling. Real, honest and vulnerable. The full quid! But equally: brash, tender, immodest, compassionate, provocative, hilarious, abusive, loving, arrogant, satirical, ugly, beautiful, uncompromisingly direct.

Large, pocket-paperback size, perfect bound on high quality paper, dozens of photographs and illustrations chosen or drawn by daevid exclusively for this book. Truly daevid's baby.

poet for sale, page 41
poet for sale, page 84
poet for sale, page 96
poet for sale, page 109