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Rainbow Fields Is Home
The Rainbow Village at Molesworth August 1984 to February 1985
222 page perfect bound paperback with 3 dozen photographs, illustrations and maps
Unique Publications || November 2013
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So what do you believe and have you ever lived it?

I am still reading and thoroughly enjoying this book which I only received a few days ago. When I have fully digested the many thoughts and memories it stirs up I'll be back. Until then…

RAF Molesworth, in Cambridgeshire, was intended to be the second cruise missile base in the UK, after Greenham Common. In August 1984, part of this unfenced world war two airfield was occupied by a mixed group of Green activists, travellers, Quakers, anarchists and peace campers.

The occupation, and the 'Rainbow Village' that it became, remained on MoD land for nearly six months. Eventually it was brought to an end by a massive operation involving police, soldiers, and Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine in his flak jacket.

The experience of living at Molesworth during that winter was physically, emotionally and politically intense. The climax, the eviction that took place overnight on February 5th/6th 1985, was perhaps the most dramatic occurrence in all the peace and anti-nuclear campaigns of the 1980s.

This book, written in the immediate aftermath of the events it describes, has now finally been published nearly thirty years later. As a statement of resistance to the nuclear state, and of life lived on the political edge, it has a freshness and a relevance that still stand today.

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