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g-wave AAGWCD001
Of all the bands who have come and gone over the past 40 years, it is mind-boggling that Gong are still around. Their music was strange, their live appearances were infamous, and their psychedelic appetites were legendary. - *blogcritics

Co-written by daevid allen, Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy and Gilli Smyth, with Mike Howlett and Chris Taylor. Produced and engineered by Steve Hillage at A-wave Studios, London, with additional production by daevid allen at Bananamoon Observatory in Australia. The CD is housed in a triple-fold digipak with an illustrated 12 page booklet complete with all the lyrics interspersed with even more 'sound words of device' by daevid and Gilli.


  1. City of Self Fascination
  2. Digital Girl
  3. How To Stay Alive
  4. Escape Control Delete
  5. Yoni Poem
  6. Dance With The Pixies
  7. Wacky Baccy Banker
  8. The Year 2032
  9. Robo-Warriors
  10. Guitar Zero
  11. The Gris Gris Girl
  12. Wave And A Particle
  13. Pinkle Ponkle
  14. Portal


  • daevid allen voice, guitar
  • steve hillage guitar
  • gilli smyth voice, space whisper
  • miquette giraudy synthesizers
  • mike howlett bass
  • chris taylor drums
  • theo travis sax, flute
  • didier malherbe duduk 3 13, soprano sax 8, flute 4 14
  • yuji katsui (Rovo) electric violin 4 11
  • elliet mackrell violin 6
  • stephanie petrik backing vocals 1 2 3 4 6 11