planet gong bazaar
artwork daevid allen
22 Meanings
Gliss CD005 | 1999-04-19

(Sorry, no longer available.)

The Art of Glissando Guitar, Volume 1

daevid's first glissando guitar only release. It's a composition of one long deeply ambient collage cut with a smattering of drum 'n bass dub, body percussion and elements of avant garde strangeness. All based around the instrumentation of the glissando guitar (the basis of Gong's spacey signature sound) and Harry Williamson's amazing invention, the 26 string Angel guitar. There's no album like it.

Tracks: [47'00]
  1. 22 Meanings
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar}
  • Harry Williamson {Angel guitar, Aeolian Wind guitar}
  • Steve Berry (Coolangubra)
  • Greg Sheehan (Coolangubra)
  • Orlando (freQ shift)
  • Tone (freQ shift)
  • Robert Calvert (Mother Gong)
  • Rob George (Mother Gong)
  • Rob Howley