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daevid allen + Microcosmic
Five Semitones: Tones for Healing and Meditation
No Meat Productions || 2006-11 || £8.51 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Sacred Geometry listeners and users - this is for you.

When the Seven Drone tapes were originally conceived by daevid - more than 20 years ago now - the A side consisted of the 'pure' drone which was largely layers of glissando guitar played on (and being glissando around) the chosen note. The B side was a more melodic affair with guest musicians invited to base a composition or improvisation on the drone.

The concept of the B sides of those tapes has been the guide used by Microcosmique as he uses both old and new drone recordings by daevid as the foundation on which to build these deeply relaxing compositions. He has also called on the talents of among others Gilli and Harry Williamson, both of whom contributed to the original 7 Drone series of tapes.

  1. C# Lemurian (Kundalini Awakening)
  2. D# Altantian (Conscious Sexuality)
  3. F# Aquarian (Loving Kindness)
  4. G# Exoteric (Knowing the Flowing)
  5. A# Esoteric (Gateway to Time Travel)
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar}
  • Nik Turner {Saxophone: 5}
  • Gilli Smyth {Lyrics and vocals: 4}
  • Harry Williamson {Guitar: 4}
  • John Dalton {Celtic Flute: 1}
  • Russell Hibbs {Overtones: 5}
  • Hakim {Synth: 3}
  • Kavi Samut {Vocal harmonies: 2}
  • Microcosmique {Sound Synthesis and electronics}