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Voiceprint VP311CD | 2004-03-08

(Sorry, all gone.)

POSTINDUSTRIAL NU-PSYCHEDELIA at it's most intense and beguiling.

This album is such a departure from the past and yet still so purely a Gong we 'know', that I'm struggling to find the right words to convey it to you correctly.

What I can say right now is - whether you eventually like or loathe it - I think this album is right where we are now (and I don't just mean Gong) - spot on. Personally, I'm moving from the, 'good song/bad song' judgement game that tends to spring to mind at first, to accepting the journey of the album as a whole. With that move I'm begining to love it more and more. I can really see this being some people's favourite Gong album ever.

The track that is going to split opinion right down the middle is 'Makototen'. It's the only one that comes near what was played at the Acidmothersgong gig at the Royal Festival Hall in October '03 , even then it's really nothing like that night. I think it's amazing and re-visit it often.

This album will make you laugh, it will make you jump, it will make you dispair, it will make you see further, it will make you dance to to sounds you thought you'd never dance to - but only if you want to - IT IS GONG.

Pictured above is the European cover version - the one you are ordering here. There are slightly different covers for Japan and the USA which we don't currently stock. While dwelling on the cover, do any of you old Gong-heads get it?

A vinyl issue is also planned for later in the year

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album review : Tomasz Ostafinski,

Tracks: [48'58]
  1. Ocean of Molasses [1'32] (Orlando Allen, Kawabata Makoto, Josh Pollock, Dharmawan Bradbridge) -
  2. Suppercotton [8'36] (Orlando Allen, Kawabata Makoto, Josh Pollock, daevid allen) -
  3. Olde Fooles Game [2'08] (Greg Sheenan, daevid allen)
  4. Zeroina [2'56] (daevid allen, Mike Howlett) -
  5. Brainwash Me [3'58] (daevid allen, Josh Pollock) -
  6. Monstah! [2'31] (Josh Pollock) -
  7. Bible Study [0'30] (Das Ubunbi)
  8. Bazuki Logix [4'15] (Kawabata Makoto)
  9. Waving [4'05] (Josh Pollock, daevid allen) -
  10. Makototen [13'36] (Kawabata Makoto, Josh Pollock, daevid allen) -
  11. Schwitless in Molasses [4.35] (Orlando Allen, Josh Pollock, Kawabata Makoto - featuring the voice of Kurt Schwitters)
  • daevid allen {Guitar, vocals}
  • Kawabata Makoto {Guitars}
  • Cotton Casino {Synths, vocals}
  • Gilli Smyth {Vocals}
  • Orlando Allen {Drums}
  • Josh Pollock {Guitar}
  • Dharmawan Bradbridge {Bass}
  • Greg Sheenan {Drums, track 3}