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artwork Hadouk Trio
Air Hadouk
Naive NJ620611 | 2010

(Sorry, currently out of stock.)

Latest release from the master musicians of Hadouk - unique, melodic, organic 'global' sounds

I'm running out of superlatives to describe the music of Hadouk. It's hard to believe that except for we few Gong devotees and the French speaking parts of the globe they are an undiscovered musical jewel - staggering.

This French import is as elegantly designed as all Hadouk releases have been. It's a digi-pak with a 6 page fold-out booklet.

album review : Tomasz Ostafinski,

Tracks: [61'23]
  1. Lomsha [7'17] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  2. Aerozen [4'36] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  3. Babbalanja [4'08] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Shehan)
  4. Yillah [5'17] (Shehan)
  5. Dididi [3'21] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  6. Friday The 13th [5'17] (T. Monk)
  7. Hang Around Me [2'19] (Shehan)
  8. Hang2hang [4'53] (Shehan)
  9. Nambaaat Gate [1'01] (Malherbe)
  10. Nambaaat [4'37] (Malherbe)
  11. Ayel [4'30] (Ehrlich)
  12. Taicotin [8'40] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  13. Soft Landing [5'29] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Shehan)
  • Didier Malherbe {Doudouk, Soprano Sax, Bigoul, Khen, Orgue à Bouche du Laos, Chinese Flute Bau}
  • Loy Ehrlich {Gumbass, Claviers, Tambourin, Piano, Hajouj, Kora, Awicha}
  • Steve Shehan {Congas, Percussion Drums, Space Drum, Berber Brushes, Eaxixi, Copper Pot, Sagattes, 2 Hangs, Djembé Bass Drum, Vegetal High Hat, Cymbals, Shaker, Riq, Tambourin, Triangle, Tibet Bell, Hadgini}
  • Eric Löhrer {Guitar on 6}