planet gong bazaar
artwork Gilli Smyth
It's All a Dream
Gliss CD006 | 2001

(Sorry, all gone.)

More than a year in the making...

Originally conceived as a follow on to the Goddess T's 'Electric Shiatsu', developed into Orlando's dance orientated album 'Tiger Eyes', then split naturally into two CDs - one more Club mixes, the other, 'It's All a Dream', more ambient lyrical dub.

Composed and produced by Orlando, and shaped by the atmospheres of the lyrics.

There are several well-known guests, including Scott Tinkler on trumpet, daevid allen glissando, Tom the World Poet and Harry Williamson on guitar. Orlando remixed 'I am you' for the Gong 'You' remixes, created 'Cyberwhale' (released on Gong 'Family Jewels') for the Hervey Bay Whale Sanctuary, has dance tracks on Edgecore (Australia) releases, and others coming out in Germany.

Gilli is inspirer of bands Goddess T, Mother Gong, and Gong Matrix and the female voice of Gong all through (alias Shakti Yoni). She is known for her seductive voice and spoken word.

Taliesin is the baby on the front cover of the Gilli's 'Mother' album. Now in his adult form he tells the bardic story of 'Taliesin' by Taliesin (6OO A.D.) on this album.

Tracks: [55'59]
  1. I am invisible [7'19]
  2. Dreaming [1'21]
  3. Mysterious Stranger [5'43] -
  4. Taliesin [2'09]
  5. Brink of the Future [5'42]
  6. Robot [0'46]
  7. Voices in your head [5'11] -
  8. Shia [3'34]
  9. Another World [5'37]
  10. Breathe Light [7'27]
  11. Water [6'36]
  12. Flower [3'08]
  13. Goddess T and the Virgin Mary [1'20]
  • Orlando
  • Gilli Smyth
  • Taliesin
  • Scott Tinkler
  • daevid allen
  • Harry Williamson
  • Juan Salvadore
  • Marky Powers
  • Micro Cosmic
  • Sonia Chemarin
  • Thom the World Poet
  • DJ Teilhard