planet gong bazaar

artwork Andy Bole - Higashi Hiroshi
|| 2013 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Amazing 'vibes around the world' as Andy teams up with Higashi Hiroshi of Acid Mothers Temple.

A new deeply spacey departure. After a month and more of internet grief I'm so far behind that I'm just posting this baby up bare, so to speak. If you are partial to where Andy's coming from sonically - jump right in. If you are of a more cautious demeanor I'll be back with samples and further words (like Hillageisms and cosmic gliss) as soon as I've blown a few more cobwebs away...

Also available from Andy Bole: The Glorious Event, Sonic Boom, Blue

Lovely shiny little slip-case (means cheaper postage)

Tracks: [51'30"]
  1. Epicycles - An Intergalactic Tone Poem [51'30"]
    Sample 1
    Sample 2
    Sample 3
    Sample 4
    Sample 5
  • Andy Bole {Glissando Guitar, e-bow, loops, Ambience}
  • Higashi Hiroshi {Sonic Space Sounds}