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Andy Bole

The Glorious Event


Spacey yet precise, laid back yet focused, really enjoyable many stringed thing-rich release. Andy Bole really is a secret Gong Family treasure who deserves to be far more widely known. I really can't imagine any hearty Gong/Steve Hillage inclined regular visitor to this web-site not enjoying this offering, it is a quality album. And although you might hard pushed to spot it, because of the quality of the recording, the CD notes - "all tracks recorded live at Glorious Events including Glastonbury, Kozmik Ken's and Gong Uncon". Jewel-case, 2 page colour booklet with a cover by Mandala creator, Jo Thirlwind

Tracks: [66'50"]
  1. Echolands [23'57"] 1'00" | 1.4MB
  2. Mother Earth [6'33"]
  3. Pheromones and Incense [4'02"] 1'05" | 1.5MB
  4. Solanum [11'31"]
  5. The Cry of the Swan [14'44"] 1'00" | 1.4MB
  6. The Glorious Event [5'58"]
  • Andy Bole {guitar, synth, bousouki, saz, looper, e-bow, glissando guitar}
  • John Large {drums}
  • Simon Smith {double bass - 2,3,6}
  • Brian Bannister {vocals - 2}