planet gong bazaar
artwork Tang (Andy Bole)
Sonic Boom

(Sorry, all gone.)

Glorious live electro-acoustic Arab/Egyptian and space-groove sounds

If you are familiar with Andy's work on The Glorious Event no second invitation is required to sample this live gem. On this release he teams up with percussionist John Large to morph into Tang. Layering precise lines, and at times otherworldly sounds, into loops, Andy weaves intricate, mesmerising patterns of arabic influenced music that is magical.

Andy switches seamlessly from bouzouki to guitar all the while being most ably supported and enhanced by John Large's middle-eastern percussion. But it's not just all beautiful, beguiling patterns, there is some real meat here as well in the way the first track moves into a most wonderful Floydian/Hawkesque groove, and the final section of the album, given it's own title, is deeply primal. A great little release

Tang were the perfect opener for the Glissando Orchestra event in Birmingham in May 2013, where Andy was also one of the 7 Glissandees.

Also available from Andy Bole: The Glorious Event, Of Blue Splendour

Standard jewel-case packaging

Tracks: [37'46"]
  1. Pheromones and Incense
  2. Taller Than Trees
  • Andy Bole {Bouzouki, guitars}
  • John Large {Percussion}