planet gong bazaar


daevid allen

Australia Aquaria

Voiceprint VP294CD

daevid's 1990 solo album, remastered by Orlando and with an expanded 12 page full colour booklet which restores daevid's illuminating liner notes to more readable form than the Demi Monde issue, and now also contains lyrics and previously unseen photographs. This could well be an album who's time has really come. For those who choose to listen it's an uplifting experience and a perfect antidote to the times - expand beyond this reality "Till the boatman ferries us back home".

What a fabulous album this is! It's a bit mad that it takes a re-issue to get one to play it again, but what the heck. From the majestic opening track, 'Gaia' to the ethereal gliss-rich 'Voice of Om Dub' at the album's end (reminiscent of 'Stroking the Tail of the Bird'), the whole thing works. 'She' is a beautiful, gentle homage to the feminine principle, one of daevid's most affecting songs with very un-mannered, honest vocal performance, and as always Graham Clark's violin is the perfect accompaniment.


  1. Gaia daevid allen
  2. Peaceful Warrior daevid allen
  3. Australia Aquaria daevid allen
  4. She daevid allen
  5. Slave Queen daevid allen
  6. Voice of Om Jagadamba Saraswati/E. Romaine
  7. Voice of Om Dub Jagadamba Saraswati/E. Romaine


  • daevid allen vocals, acoustic and glissando guitars
  • Harry Willaimson arrangements, synthesizers, keyboards, programming
  • Graham Clark violin 4
  • Gilli Smyth space whisper 6
  • Rob Calvert tenor sax 1 5
  • Bart Willoughby didgeridu 2 3
  • Rob George drums, percussion 3 5}
  • Marcus Ozric percussion 3
  • Jenny Rodger vocals 3
  • Jacki Dankworth vocals 3 4
  • Julie Waring chorus vocals 3
  • Conrad Henderson bass 5
  • Nimbin Silly Symphony vocal harmonies 3