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Banana Moon
Spalax 14945

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daevid 1st 'solo' album, inc. Robert Wyatt

Originally released in 1970, daevid's first 'solo' album is a kaleidoscope of wild musical ideas. From 'Memories', hauntingly sung by Robert Wyatt, to the long totally tripped out adventures of 'Stoned Innocent Frankenstein' it's going to to flip you right out of any musical conservatism you may have settled into, even after all these years.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

David Bowie, "Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie": It's possible, just possibly maybe, that strands of the embryonic glam style started here. I replayed it just this morning and was flabbergasted to hear something that sounds like Bryan Ferry and the Spiders from Mars (together, at last!!) on Track 1, recorded a full two years before the 'official' glam releases from either of the two above-mentioned protagonists. There are, however, no doubts about Allen and fellow band member Robert Wyatt's huge influence on the more 'high-minded' layers of pop with their protean unit, the Soft Machine.Banana Moon became Allen's solo transitional move before forming the loony Gong. Wyatt also went on to a long and respected solo career, intermittently working with ex-Roxyite Brian Eno.

Tracks: [38'34]
  1. Time of Your Life [3'21]
  2. Memories [3'37]
  3. All I Want Is Out Of Here [4'48]
  4. Fred The Fish [2'27]
  5. White Neck Blues & Codein Coda [5'36]
  6. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein [3'36]
  7. & His Adventures In The Land Of Flip [11'44]
  8. I Am A Bowl [2'46]
  • daevid allen
  • Gary Wright
  • Gerry Fields
  • Archie Legget
  • 'Barry' St-John
  • Maggie Bell
  • Robert Wyatt
  • Pip Pyle
  • Nick Evans
  • Christian Tritsch