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Brainville 3

Trial By Headline

ReR BV3-1

3 ultra creative beings combine live in Berlin, London and Tel Aviv. All profits from sales dedicated to the benefit of Hugh's immediate family. Many moons ago (when I lived in the wilds of the Highlands of Scotland), one of the things that kept me going was subscribing to just about anything that Chris Cutler's ReR Records released (Art Bears, Kalahari Surfers, The Homosexuals, Cassiber and many more). You were assured of fantastic, if often challenging, music you had never heard before, the highest quality of LP pressing, artwork and packaging with 'extra' little surprises thrown in the form of posters, booklets, and on one memorable occasion a specially printed handkerchief! And if all that were not enough the ethos and politics of the whole operation was very close to my heart - you could be certain that the artists received the correct dues for all their endeavors and that everything was being done from some pretty agreeable motives.

Without doubt, ReR were a major inspiration in how I have always aspired to run GAS. I wouldn't claim that GAS has ever reached the heights of ReR, but they were a certainly prime role-model of how to do 'it' without being tempted into sipping from the music businesses, often alluring, but ultimately poisoned chalice. So to have a daevid related CD released on ReR I personally find simply delightful, and I know daevid feels similar - another circle comes full round.

That's the setting, but what about the music on this CD? Well if you've ever attended a Brainville gig you'll know that despite setting off in the direction indicated by this song title or that, it is not long before the inventive bass lines of Mr Hopper, the amazing free-wheeling drumming of Mr Cutler and the "where is he going and what is he doing now?" guitar and vocal stylings of Mr Allen intertwine and combine to take us to places we couldn't have envisioned before - in short - new, unique, adventerous, unpredictable, stylish and deeply engaging.

If you don't know go and find out what Chris Cutler's ReR is all about at ReR Megacorp, and while you're there buy a copy of his book 'File Under Popular', available in several languages, it had a profound effect on my listening habits 20 odd years ago and may well do the same for you.


  1. Trial by Headline daevid allen
  2. Dedicated to Dedicated to PQ but she couldn't hear it daevid allen/H. Hopper
  3. Ocean Mother daevid allen
  4. Who's Afraid? daevid allen/Kramer
  5. Basement Suite C. Cutler/H. Hopper
  6. I Bin Stoned Before C. Cutler/H. Hopper
  7. Return to basement C. Cutler/H. Hopper
  8. The Rubiyat of Honorium Tonsilitisk daevid allen, H. Hopper, C. Cutler
  9. Hours Gone daevid allen
  10. Didditagin K. Ayers, H. Hopper, daevid allen, C. Cutler


  • Hugh Hopper Bass
  • Chris Cutler Drums
  • daevid allen Guitars, Voices

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 recorded on June 10, 2007 at The Ballhaus, Berlin to 4 tracks (two room mikes and two desk feeds) by Jens Schneider. Live concert mix and subsequent stereo mixdown by Henry Matic.

Track 4 was recorded on June 3, 2007 at the Borderline, London direct to mp3 MD from the desk by David Id (Westrop), who also did the live concert mix.

Track 6 was recorded on 22 October, 2006 at the Zappa Club, Tel Aviv to multitrack by Udi Koomran, who also did the live concert mix and the subsequent mixdown at Ginger studios, Tel Aviv.

The whole thing was edited and compiled by Chris Cutler and re-mastered by Bob Drake at Studio Midi-Pyrenees in December 2007.