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Live in NYC '98

Voiceprint VP427CD (2008)

daevid, Hugh, Kramer and the much missed Pip Pyle strut their quite wonderful unique 'stuff'. It was during this trip to New York that Brainville recorded their only studio album to date, the only semi successful 'Children's Crusade'. Why that album did not reach the heights of Brainville live I'll leave for others to ponder and comment on - some bands are just better live. But it is especially odd that the studio album didn't really 'work' as it was recorded just a day or two after this concert, at the Knitting Factory studio, which is in the same building as the venue where this rather fine live concert was recorded.

Apologies to Kramer, who was absent from the museso credits on this page for a time, although he has always been credited in the news item on this release). It was a error in the information I originally received on this release, one which I noticed at the time and fully intened to remedy after double checking the facts - then I forgot to come back and do it.

The 'Brainville 01' moniker on the album cover, which is the work of daevid's son Toby, is to distinguish the first band line-up with Pip Pyle from the equally impressive current line-up with Chris Cutler.


  1. Brainvillas daevid allen, H. Hopper, Pip Pyle
  2. Who's Afraid daevid allen
  3. Hours Gone daevid allen
  4. Hope For Happiness H. Hooper, K. Ayers, M. Ratledge
  5. Bullshit and Be daevid allen, H. Hopper, Pip Pyle
  6. Memories H. Hopper


  • daevid allen guitar, vocals
  • Hugh Hopper bass
  • Pip Pyle drums, percussion
  • Kramer bass, piano, vocals