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Bubbled Up On Dub

Gliss CD004 (1998)

Volume 1: Natural Progression. Deeply psychedelic dub of the highest order. Totally uplifting yet solidly earthed music from Here & Now's and ex Gong guitarist Steffe. Plus Arkology, Doof, The Herb and The Blow Up Dub Band. Cover art by Marc Ingrand

"Seriously chilled out 'Sunday' music" - Dream Creation.


  1. The Herb : Wild Flower
  2. Arkology : In The Valley
  3. Steffe : Dusk Till Dawn
  4. Doof : Sticks and Stones
  5. Arkology : World Today
  6. Blow Up Dub Band : Blow Up Dub
  7. Steffe : Zero Gravity
  8. The Herb : Many Lands
  9. Steffe : Celebration