planet gong bazaar

Bubbled Up On…

…Chopin ???

Gliss CD004

Accidental mis-pressing of Steffe's psychedelic dub album with some wonderful Chopin? (I think). I'd heard of the wrong music being pressed on CDs, and even have a Here & Now mis-pressed LP in the archives. I like to imagine that out there somewhere are a load of elegantly covered classical music CDs full of Steffe's psychedelic dub.

A few copies were sold at Uncon 2006. It took months to replace them with the correct CD as the pressing plant refused to accept responsibility. Eventually I had to send the entire batch of 500 back to the pressing plant, after which they were destroyed. Somehow eleven copies were not sent back, so if you want one, here they are. They have all regular the Bubbled Up on Dub artwork, but play classical music.