planet gong bazaar


Cary Grace

Uffculme Variations

Door 13 Music D130017

One of THE very best Gong family related albums of the past two years. Special guests Steffe and Graham Clark. Gob-smackingly good. A live multi-track recording from the 2016 perfectly formed Kozfest. Cary's band with it's great supportive, organic rhythm section of Andy Budge and David Payne providing the ideal platform for the first meeting on stage of Steffe Sharpstrings and Graham Clark who fire superbly off each other in wonderfully adventerous improvised sections. And it's all focused by and at the same time supported and defined by Cary's synthesizers and vocals. Add Victoria Reyes on Keyboards and vocal and this is one of those albums that just keeps on giving with each and every visit. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Beautiful gatefold card sleeve with an eight page booklet.


  1. Orange Sky Cary Grace
  2. Trouble Grace/Budge/Payne/Sharpstrings/Clark/Reyes
  3. Kozmik Eye Grace/Budge/Sharpstrings/Payne
  4. The Uffculme Variations Grace/Budge/Payne/Sharpstrings/Clark/Reyes
  5. Cassiopea, 2016 Grace/Budge/Payne/Sharpstrings/Clark/Reyes
  6. The Grand Themes of Things Grace/Budge/Payne/Sharpstrings/Clark/Reyes
  1. Cary Grace
  2. Grace / Budge / Payne / Sharpstrings / Clark / Reyes
  3. Grace / Budge / Sharpstrings / Payne
  4. Grace / Budge / Payne / Sharpstrings / Clark / Reyes
  5. Grace / Budge / Payne / Sharpstrings / Clark / Reyes
  6. Grace / Budge / Payne / Sharpstrings / Clark / Reyes

The Cary Grace Band

  • Cary Grace vocals, EMS VCS3 synthesizer
  • Andy Budge bass
  • David Payne drums
  • Victoria Reyes keyboards, vocals, percussion

special guests

  • Steffe Sharpstrings guitar
  • Graham Clark violin