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One Who Whispers

Gliss CD007 (2002)

Ambient release with daevid allen. Beautiful sound - recorded by Toby Robinson (Gong/Derek Bailey), mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and mastered by Andy Jackson (Grammy winning Pink Floyd engineer - no less!). Deep ambient experimentalists who morph their live flute, sax and bass with dark soundscapes and layers of looped instrumental atmospherics. Following their acclaimed debut No Ordinary Man, and recent performances with silent films, ‘One Who Whispers’ further explores Cipher's unique soundworld, this time with six of the nine tracks incorporating the inimitable glissando guitar textures of daevid allen and a further track made in collaboration with synth texturalist Richard Barbieri (Japan/ Porcupine Tree). This is perhaps as close a follow up to daevid allen's ‘22 Meanings’ as could be.

What critics said of 'No Ordinary Man':

'The most immediate reference point for first-time listeners would be Brian Eno's ambient and film music. Listen closer and Cipher's approach starts to sound much more original. There's a very interesting sense of construction about this music, in the way blocks of sound are built up, metamorphosed and sometimes taken away at odd-seeming moments, as if God were scoring a dub composition for clouds in the heavens. The sonic layers of loops appearing, dissipating and receding, of foreground becoming background, seem endless and make for engrossing headphone listening… This is trance-out music of the highest order.' - Progression (USA)
'Ambient music for post-club culture chillers….Cipher present a shifting, pulsing musical collage in which the both the common ground and the contrasts between pure electronica and more conventional instruments are explored to the full, with excellent results. File between your old System 7 albums and Jan Garbarek - then wonder why there has never been anything to put there before' - Amazon
'A music of evocative electronic soundwashes, subtle acoustic jazz explorations, and considerable emotional resonance. For those who distrust electronic and ambient music, you might be surprised by this set.' - Jazz Journal (UK)

Tracks: [55'26]
  1. One Who Whispers [5'34]
  2. Celluloid [5'31]
  3. Love, Death and Drowning [6'49]
  4. The Last Word [5'21]
  5. The Apparent Chaos of Snow [6'44]
  6. Panoramic Lounge [6'28]
  7. To The Shelters [5'07]
  8. Did It Happen [5'12]
  9. Absorbed [5'51]
  • Theo Travis {Alto Flute, Soprano Sax, Wah-Wah Sax, Samples}
  • Dave Sturt {Sound design, Programming, Samples, Bass}
  • daevid allen {Glissando Guitar: 1,4,6,7,8}
  • Richard Barbieri {Keyboards, Electronics: 2}