planet gong bazaar


daevid allen

The Seven Drones

2032 00CD

Sounds to remember the forgotten - music for the journey. Designed for relaxation, to be used in conjunction with meditational practise and other personal growth therapies. Comes in a triple-fold didgi-pak with detailed liner notes written by daevid for the 12 page booklet. Turn on, get comfy, close eyes, breathe/relax/melt/expand/merge/gliss/bliss/glid/lift the lid - pop! You might have to practise a bit.

The most minimalistic and yet most intricately subtle music by daevid - a distillation of years of experimentation into the nature of sound. Created with layers of glissando guitar and synthesizer which combine to form the subtly fluctuating basic note of the drone, one for each Chakra or energy centre of the body following the classical Indian tradition. On top of this root drone are more layers of sound, chosen to be appropriate for the qualities of each Chakra. These are created in a variety of ways, more gliss guitar and synth, didgeridoo, space whisper, chimes, flute, and even in one or two places some words. These overlayers seemlessly merge in and out of the root drone in a harmonious way to complete the piece.


  1. C Drone
  2. D Drone
  3. E Drone
  4. F Drone
  5. G Drone
  6. A Drone
  7. B Drone
  8. Heartspace Meditation


  • daevid allen glissando guitar, tape constructs and composition
  • Gilli Smyth D Drone vocals, B drone space whisper
  • Harry Williamson C drone synthesizer, technical advisor
  • Didier Malherbe D drone flute
  • Hakim Gillian synthesizers D, F, G, A, B drones
  • Miss Hansen E drone synthesizer
  • Bart Willoughby C drone didgeridoo
  • Judith Downs G drone harp
  • Kelly Wilson C drone vocals
  • Nimbin Symphony drones vocals