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Good Morning!
Esoteric Recordings ECLEC2004 | 2007-09-21

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The most welcome return of daevid's life-enhancing 1976 solo album.

Rich in music and spirit this is without doubt one of the classic albums of the entire Gong Family oeuvre. After too many years of being unavailable, or very expensive in e-bay if you could find a copy, it is a joy to have back once again. Often called one of the first 'new-age troubadour' albums it is blend of sparkling electro-acoustic songs and music mixed with the sounds and atmospheres of that most magical of places, Deya - you can almost smell the olive groves and feel the heat.

As with all classic Gong Family albums (Angels' Egg, You, Fish Rising, New Jerusalem amongst others), there is a timeless, transpersonal 'ego-death' aspect to it's make-up which can be confrontational at times, interwoven with a joyous celebration of existence.

Produced, recorded and mixed by daevid on 4 track Teacs and 2 Revox at his then home in Deya, Majorca. Arrangements by daevid and in "combined inspiration with Euterpe which (apart from being the name of the Greek God of Music) is a group of Spanish musicians based in Majorca."

This most timely re-issue has been re-mastered in 24 bit from the original master tapes and comes complete with the 'Euterpe Gratitude Piece' bonus track, used as a intro piece for daevid/Euterpe gigs in '76, and added for the first CD issue in 1990. There are also some new liner notes by Mark Powell.

The 16 page booklet contains an often pretty rough approximation of daevid's lyrics - full of mistakes I'm afraid. Why people don't come and ask us for such things is beyond me. Anyway, here are the correct 'Good Morning!' lyrics.

Tracks: [47'00]
  1. Children of the New World [3'42] (daevid allen)
  2. Good Morning [5'17] (daevid allen)
  3. Spirit [4'47] (daevid allen)
  4. Song of Satisfaction [2'17] (daevid allen)
  5. Have You Seen My Friend? [3'37] (daevid allen)
  6. French Garden [3'23] (daevid allen)
  7. Wise Man in Your Heart [11'28] (allen/Howlett/Moerlen)
  8. She Doesn't She [2'39] (daevid allen)
Bonus track:
  1. Euterpe Gratitude Piece []9'50 (daevid allen)
  • Pepe Milan {Mandolina, charango, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel}
  • Ana Camps {Vocals}
  • Tony Pascual {Moog String, Keyboard, guitar}
  • Toni Ares{Contrabass}
  • Toni Tree Fernandez{Guitars}
  • Gilli Smyth{Space whisper and licks}
  • daevid allen{Vocals, glissando guitar and solo guitar}
Special Guests on 'Wise Man in Your Heart':
  • Mike Howlett{Bass}
  • Pierre Moerlen{Percussion}