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artwork Didier Malherbe and Éric Löhrer
Nuit d'Ombrelle
Naïve NJ621211 | 2011

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Late night, very laid back jazz gorgeousness

Two guys engaged in great musical conversations which are a joy to overhear

As if Didier Malherbe's beautiful work with Loy Ehrlich and Steve Shehan in the Hadouk Trio were not enough, in 2011 he also teamed up with master jazz guitarist Éric Löhrer to produce this very fine release.

Didier's on-going journey to glide, slide and shimmy the Douduk into the our world continues with a very sensual and sometimes gently quirky offering. Didier's playing is so human and real it's like listening a wonderful, richly experienced singer, you can almost hear words. And in Éric he has found the perfect acoustic jazz guitarist to accompany him, and step into the spotlight himself to very good effect.

The first disc of is primarily Jazz classics, leaning heavily on Thelonous Monk tunes, of which there are six, some Jazz standards and two new compositions. The second disc is an improvised suite of 9 short, all improvised pieces. As Didier himself writes on his web-site about them, The curve of dynamics is in the shape of a "whale's back", is ascending and then down to minimal. Make what you will of that Bloomdidian mission statement, all I know is that it all sounds great.

Housed in a tri-fold digipak with CD trays and with a 8 page booklet

CD 1: Jazz Songbook [61'11']
  1. Dark Shadows [4.05](E. Coleman)
  2. Cry Me A River [4.18] (A. Hamilton)
  3. Let's Cool One [3.54] (T. Monk)
  4. 'Round Midnight [5.03] (T. Monk)
  5. Misterioso / Blue Monk [4.01] (T. Monk)
  6. Bopwind [5.27](D. Malherbe / É Löhrer)
  7. St James Infirmary / Eshkhemet [4.11] (P.D.)
  8. Mood Indigo [4.14] (Ellington, Bigard, Mills)
  9. We See [4.50] (T. Monk)
  10. Monk's Mood [4.51] (T. Monk)
  11. Think Of One [4.04] (T. Monk)
  12. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [3.54] (J Kern)
  13. Kourouts Blues [2.38] (D. Malherbe)
  14. I Remember Clifford [5.38] (B. Golson)
CD 2: Nuit d'ombrelle [27'28']
  1. Nout [2.54]
  2. Semis D'Oubli [2.30]
  3. Songe de Framboise [1.57]
  4. Ombres Déguisées [2.29]
  5. Souvenir D'Hippocampe [2.44]
  6. Moires [1.56]
  7. Ivres Dunes [3.21]
  8. Vaguablues [4.11]
  9. Bout De La Nuit [5.25]

All tracks on CD 2 written by D. Malherbe and É. Löhrer

  • Didier Malherbe - {Doudouk (Duduk), Soprano Saxophone}
  • Éric Löhrer - {Guitars}