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daevid allen

Dreamin' A Dream

GAS CD007 (1995)

Electro, acoustic solo album. Wonderfully recorded at Kramer's New York Studio (tracks 7, 8 and 10) and in deepest mid Wales, it's at times it's reminiscient his earlier albums 'Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life' and 'Good Morning'. This is especially true with tracks like 'Sittin' in a Teashop' and the gorgeous 'Garden Song' which remains firmly in his live solo sets to this day. But 'Dreamin' differs from the 'Deya' albums mentioned above in that there are also songs with a harder edge that deal with some difficult subjects, such as 'The Rapist' and 'Brothers'. The full colour 16 page complete lyric booklet with liner notes by daevid himself is beautifully designed by Peter Hartl. All songs daevid allen except where indicated otherwise. Just so you know - buying this album anywhere else means the musicians get nothing.

Graham Clark offers solid and inventive support throughout with exquisite violin playing and some spot-on electric guitar leads. New York Gong drummer Bill Bacon pops up on one track and erstwhile Invisible Opera member Tim Hall takes a guest vocal spot. daevid, who also produced the album, is on top form, wearing is heart on his sleeve while leading us all on a memorable journey suffused with drama, humour, and above all hope.


  1. Dear Friends traditional
  2. High Points
  3. Brothers
  4. Big Daddy
  5. Wotsa Use
  6. Garden Song
  7. Came To Find You
  8. The Rapist
  9. Sittin' in a Teashop
  10. Fire Becomes Her
  11. No One's Slave Theo Simon
  12. Tor Song
  13. Dear Friends traditional


  • daevid allen electric, acoustic and glissando guitars, keyboard, vocals
  • Graham Clark violin, lead guitar
  • Bill Bacon drums 7
  • Tim Hall vocals 12, bazooki 1 13