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Drones 4 Daevid


Hardly any Drones at all actually - just a great bunch of bands and musicians having huge fun. Recorded at The Real Music Club, Brighton, February 8th 2015 at a benefit gig for daevid allen. An audio postcard from the seaside to raise much needed funds for Gilli's care, which would please daevid. I particularly enjoy the dada/daevid-esque inspired mayhem the wonderful Monty Oxymoron brings to the party. In fact across the board it's quite a well balanced spread of many of daevid's musical oeuvres on display - spacey, rocky, ambienty, folky, spirity - many of the 'ees' in fact. Deepest gratitude to Gregg McKella, Paul Woodright, Cliff Dowding and all who helped make the event so memorable and this release possible. Stylish gatefold card sleeve. Limited edition of 200. Also available on Bandcamp.

Disc 1
  1. Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet - Mysteries [4'15"] (T. Hall)
  2. Monty Oxymoron and Friends - Non God Will Not Go On Or The Wrong Way To Be Right [6'06"] (D. Allen)
  3. Mark Robson - The Garden Song [6'47"] (D. Allen)
  4. Shankara Andy Bole - Libereco 4 [23'11"] (
  5. Monty Oxymoron - The Turkey Birds Breakfast [1'14"] (D. Allen)
  6. Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet - Circle Around [7'17"] (trad. arr IOCoT)
Disc 2
  1. Monty Oxymoron and Friends - We Did It Again [6'10"] (K. Ayers)
  2. Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet - You Can't Kill Me [7'43"] (D. Allen)
  3. Mark Robson - Blame The Rich + final instrumental [14'09"] (D. Allen)
  4. Monty Oxymoron - Head Knocked Off [1'22"]
  5. Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet - Reign Of The Dragon [5'54"] (B. Abbott)
  6. The Glissando Guitar Orchestra - Drones for Daevid, F and G [20'10"]
  7. Arthur Brown - Arthur's Poem for daevid [1'57"]
Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
  • Brian Abbott: {Guitar, Glissando Guitar, Vocals}
  • Jackie Juno: {Lead Vocals, Percussion}
  • Julian Veasy: {Keyboards, Synthesizer}
  • Phil O'Sophical Curtis: {Bass}
  • Tracey Austin: {Drums}
  • Catriona McTeabag McDougal: {Backing vocals}
  • Andy Bole: {Glissando Guitar on Circle Around}
Monty Oxymoron and Friends
  • Monty Oxymoron: {Keyboards, Vocals, Trumpet, Glissando Guitar}
  • Andy Power: {Bass}
  • Dave Berk: {Drums, Backing Vocals}
  • Francesca Burrow: {Backing Vocals, Clarinet}
  • Richard Lanchester: {Djembe}
  • Greg McKella: {Space Bubbles and FX}
Mark Robson
  • Mark Robson: {Piano, Vocals}
  • Elliet Mackrell: {Violin, Backing Vocals
  • Andy Bole: {Glissando Guitar on Blame The Rich}
Shankara Andy Bole
  • Andy Bole: {Guitar, Bazouki, Glissando Guitar, E-Bow}
  • Elliet Mackrell: {Violin}
The Glissando Guitar Orchestra
  • Brian Abbott, Andy Bole, Dani Speakman, Kev Hegan, Mark Huxley, Bob Hedger, Gregg McKella {er, um...Glissando Guitar?}
  • Jackie Juno: {Conductress}
Arthur Brown
  • Himself {Thee Voice}