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Camembert Eclectique
A GAS CD 001 | 1.05.2013

(Sorry, all gone.)

In the beginning as the Holy Cheese began to wax…

Pre-Camembert Electrique Gong, the band which performed at the Amougies festival, in the studio demoing towards getting a deal, working towards their first single, trying to re-create the 'lost' Amougies recordings and generally Gonging it for all they are worth in a '68-'69 style. A revealing and intriguing glimpse of audio sketches, works in progress and some concepts and songs that remained un-realised or became something more well-known. Pretty dam good audio from master tapes, but for the deeper aficionado really due to the more esoteric nature of the recordings.

The CD is in a jewel-case with an illustrated 12 page booklet with a descriptive glossary of the of the people, names and places which appear on the CD.

  1. Café Montelieu Demos [15.30]
  2. Garcon ou Fille (alternative vers.) [3.36] 0'59" | 940kb (D. Allen)
  3. Dynamite/Goldilocks [5.42] - (C. Tritsch/G. Smyth/D. Allen)
  4. Rock & Roll Angel & Nightmare of Mr. Respectable [5.38] - (D. Allen)
  5. Garcon ou Fille (submix) [3.35] - (D. Allen)
  6. Hyp Hypnotise You (submix) [3.38] - (D. Allen)
  7. Haunted Chateau Rehearsals [13.17] 1'05" | 1Mb (D. Allen)
  8. Big City Energy [3.46] 0'59" | 940kb (D. Allen)
  9. Gongwash Indelible [5.49] - (D. Allen)
  • daevid allen {vocals, guitar}
  • Daniel Laloux {horn, violin, bowed drum, vocals}
  • Dieter Gewissler {violin}
  • Didier Malherbe {saxes, flutes}
  • Christian Tritsch {bass}
  • Gilli Smyth {vocals, spacewhisper}
  • Raschid Houari {drums}