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From Here To Eternitea (2CD)
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Double CD budget compilation… Zero 2 Infinity plus Live 2 Infinitea.

It used to be three or four years before a record company did the budget compilation thing with a latest release, but Snapper have gone for it now. So here's a cheap way of getting all the music from the last two Gong albums. But as always there's a price to pay. The cover (nothing to do with the band) is a bit dodgy, you lose all daevid's liner notes, lyrics and drawings from the original issues and you'll have to guess who plays what as there are no credits to speak of at all. There are however some new liner notes with an amusing tale by one of their staff of daevid's visit to Snapper's offices.

Disc 1: Zero To Infinity [63'30]
  1. Foolfare [0'42] (Allen/Travis)
  2. Magdalene [3'58] (Malherbe/Allen/Howlett/Taylor)
  3. The Invisible Temple [11'35] (Allen/ Howlett/Travis/Malherbe/Smyth/Taylor)
  4. Zeroid [6'08] (Allen/Howlett/Travis)
  5. Wise Man in Your Heart [8'04] (Allen/Howlett/Moerlen)
  6. The Mad Monk [3'25] (Allen/Travis/Howlett/Taylor)
  7. Yoni on Mars [6'07] (Travis/Smyth)
  8. Damaged Man [5'13] (Travis/Allen/Howlett/Taylor)
  9. Bodilingus [4'03] (Travis/Allen/Howlett/Taylor)
  10. Tali's Song [6'27] (daevid allen)
  11. Infinitea [7'48] (Allen/Smyth/Travis/Howlett/Taylor)
Disc 2: Live 2 Infinitea - [66.25]
  1. Foolfare [0'46] (Allen/Travis)
  2. Zeroid [6'08] (Allen/Howlett/Travis)
  3. Magdalene - intro [2'15] (Didier Malherbe)
  4. Magdalene [5'05] (Malherbe/Allen/Howlett/Taylor)
  5. Infinitea [3'58] (Allen/Smyth/Travis/Howlett/Taylor)
  6. The Mad Monk [3'29] (Allen/Travis/Howlett/Taylor)
  7. Zero the Hero and the Witch's Spell [9'26] (daevid allen/Christian Tritsch)
  8. Bodilingus - intro [0'53] (Didier Malherbe)
  9. Bodilingus [5'19] (Travis/Allen/Howlett/Taylor)
  10. Inner Temple [2'36] (Allen/ Malherbe)
  11. Yoni on Mars [6.57] (Travis/Smyth)
  12. Tropical Fish [3'42] (daevid allen/Christian Tritsch)
  13. Invisible Temple [9'00] (Allen/ Howlett/Travis/Malherbe/Smyth/Taylor)
  14. Selene [6'50] (Allen/Smyth)
  • Daft Alien {vocals, guitar, glissando guitar}
  • Gilli Smyth {space whisper}
  • Theo Travis {tenor and soprano saxophones, flute}
  • Gwyo Zepix {keyboards, electronics, backing vocals}
  • Mike Howlett {bass}
  • Chris Taylor {drums, backing vocals}
  • Didier Malherbe {alto and soprano saxophones, doudouk, flute}
  • Basil Brooks {additional bubbles on Inner Temple on CD 2}