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Even As We
Gliss CD002 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Luscious 'psychedelic with beats' gem.

Ex Gong guitarist Steffe along with Gilli Smyth have produced this 'ambient with beats' masterpiece. As one reviewer wrote "It's a mesmerizing mix…a devotional hour in praise of the Goddess…high flying psychedelic music comes in all shapes and forms and this is one of the best discoveries I've made all year". Breath-taking soundscapes with an underlying dubby/souly sensibility.

  1. Deiea
  2. I'm In Your Gravity
  3. Travellers Stargate
  4. Crystal World
  5. Doom Ghosts
  6. AND
  7. Pagii Herbus
  8. Spirit Lover
  9. Walk The Streets
  10. Goddesses Love Oranges
  11. Let's GLO -
  12. Back To The Sea -
  • Steffe {All music, vocals}
  • Gilli {Vocals and Spacewhisper}