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Fabio Golfetti

Invisible Opera (Tropical Version)

Voice Music VMCD298 (1993/2022)

Original mix of 1993 album Glissando Spirit, exploring aspects of oriental music and space-rock on guitars and synthesizers.

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet is a code name created by daevid allen : an international ideological/spiritual/aesthetic communications network for artists of all kinds… who share the common vision of warm hearted, pan-stylistic, inclusive art forms which serve the drive towards conscious evolution.

Fabio Golfetti, of the band Violeta De Outono, contacted daevid to connect the Invisibles in Brazil under the title Invisible Opera (Tropical Version). Around 1993 there were Invisible Operas working almost simultaneously in Brazil, the UK, Australia, and maybe California?


  1. Landing
  2. Electric Bird
  3. Stars Can Frighten You
  4. Eastside
  5. Baliman-Energy
  6. Cosmic Dancer
  7. Mirage
  8. Moon in the Sky
  9. Orbital Garden


  • Fabio Golfetti guitar, synths, vocals