planet gong bazaar


Harry Williamson & Liz Van Dort

Far From The Madding Crowd

Resurgence RES133CD

Lusious album. Beautiful but so hard to catagorise. Ambient-Classical-Folk soundscapes is today's stab at it (just look at the instrumenation). A class release by any standards.


  1. The Boatman traditional Japanese/Van Dort/Williamson
  2. Apple traditional/Vaughan-Williams/Faraway
  3. The Morning Glory traditional/Van Dort/Williamson
  4. Oo Sa Gi traditional/Van Dort/Williamson
  5. Stars Murk/Williamson
  6. The Morning Glory (Dawn Dub) Harry Williamson
  7. Shall I come Campion
  8. Never Van Dort/Williamson
  9. Decadence Van Dort/Williamson
  10. Espiritu Andina Williamson/Van Dort
  11. Jaminji Harry Williamson
  12. Farther Van Dort/Williamson


  • Harry Williamson angel guitar, guitar, synthesizers, effects, gong, bells, underwater tabla, dulcimer, charango, paper drum, moxeno
  • Liz Van Dort vocals
  • Miles Alexander McNichol drums
  • Themis Aranibar zampona
  • Deirdre Dowling baroque violin, viola
  • Robert Calvert saxes
  • Taliesin Allen congas
  • Marque-O Biasin bass