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Sunrise to Sunset
with daevid allen
Noh Poetry NRP004 || 2004 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Chilled out grooving sonic soundscapes.

A sort of 'Rainbow Dome Music' meets 'Stroking the Tail of the Bird' constructed on an eclective percussive platform. As always, daevid's gliss guitar is transformatory. A very relaxing pipe full or two of music indeed.

Tracks: [75'22]
  1. Electric Sunrise [7'40] (Allen, Davila, Falcone, Merill)
  2. Sudden Mist [9'47] (Davila, Falcone, Merill)
  3. Winds of Sorrow [14'33] (Davila, Heydt, Falcone, Merill)
  4. Faces in the Terrain [9'09] (Allen, Davila, Falcone, Merill)
  5. Riding the Shaman's Drum [6'03] (Anderson, Davila, Falcone, Merill)
  6. Beyond the Mountain Top [7'20] (Davila, Falcone, Merill)
  7. Cliff of Fate [11'49] (Davila, Heydt, Falcone, Merill)
  8. Acoustic Sunset [9'01] (Davila, Heydt, Falcone, Merill)
  • Mychael Merrill {Kit Drums, Djembe, Metal Dumbecks, Bamboo Tone Stick, Dundun}
  • Luis Davilla {Synths, Hand Gong, Rain Stick}
  • Don Falcone {Bass guitar, Birds of Spruce Street, Distant Synth, K2000 Intelligent chill, Pr0-52 Soft synth, Udu, Strings, Organ, Samples}
  • daevid allen {Gliss guitar: 1, 4; Lead guitar: 4}
  • Kirk Heydt {Cello: 3, 7, 8}
  • Karen Anderson {Nut and Egg Shakers: 5}