planet gong bazaar


daevid allen

Gentle Genie

Voiceprint VP336CD

(sorry - all gone)

Acoustic companion compilation to Dreamin' a Dream. The songs on this CD all come from the period 1985-2000 and are a collection of the best of the acoustic songs of that period and as daevid himself says "Rewoven to soothe and enliven the weary brow". The album is designed as a companion to the 'Dreamin' a Dream' CD and has been re-mastered for this release. daevid and Gilli have also written new liner notes for each song and the 12 page booklet also contains all the lyrics. Probably the most mellow song based album daevid has ever released. The songs selected gently, or at most bubblingly flow along. Devotional, loving and optimistic. The sub plot to this CD is another stage in re-claiming the of the 'escaped' Demi-Monde albums as here are re-mastered daevid selections from 'Australia Aquaria', 'Gongmaison' and 'Owl and the Tree'.


  1. Flying Teacup Prelude daevid allen; G.M.
  2. The Voice of Om Sariswati and Romain; A.A.
  3. The Owly Song daevid allen; O.T.
  4. Gaia daevid allen; A.A.
  5. She daevid allen; A.A.
  6. Blame the Rich Graham Clark; G.M.
  7. Titicaca Traditional/daevid allen; G.M.
  8. Tablas Logorhythmique Shamal Maitra; G.M.
  9. Queen of Cups daevid allen
  10. Slave Queen daevid allen; A.A.
  11. Negotiate daevid allen; G.M.
  12. Gliss Bliss for Fliss City Allen; O.T.


  • Daft Alien Guitars, Gliss guitar, Vocals
  • Gilli Smyth space whisper
  • Didier Malherbe flutes
  • Graham Clark violin
  • Shamal Maitra tablas
  • Wandana Turiya vocals, harmonium
  • Jacki Dankworth vocals
  • Jenny Rodger vocals
  • Rob Calvert sax
  • Conrad Henderson bass
  • Rob George drums
  • Harry Williamson keyboards, production