planet gong bazaar

Gilli Smyth

I Am Your Egg

Voiceprint VP376CD (2005)

A glorious melange of tracks by Gilli Smyth, daevid allen, Orlando Monday, each with their own style but woven together with great ingenuity. Totally engrossing soundscapes with snatches of conversation, the sounds of trains leaving and their dramatic arrival; a gliss and l2 string guitar piece by Harry Williamson and daevid, songs, orchestras, animal voices, Gilli's voice floating above it all, or landing on the sands of Palestine, saztars, animal voices and a touch of supernatural. Unique.

Part of the Press Release:

Where does creative energy go when it is not coming out in playing and doing tours? It creates an inner volcano, which pours into recording, as has been happening throughout this year, with daevid allen, Orlando Allen, and Gilli Smyth. Now a collaboration of songs and cinematic pieces - a wide spectrum ranging from fast drums, punky bass and driving chant ('Sacrifice') to 'visual' scenarios ('End St. Station' and 'Palestine') to melodic songs ('Melting Love' and daevid's 'Ship of Fools'), and featuring animal voices, opera singers, haunting flutes, mellifluous speaking voices, a couple of orchestral pieces, and 'Playbacks' type loops, created by daevid, who also wrote the glissando/guitar piece 'River Song' with Harry Williamson.

Some of the new pieces were intended for the remake, or sequel, to 2001's "It's all a Dream", by Orlando and Gilli However, Orlando left for Europe, and so Gilli took those pieces as the basis for the album, and added several more by her and daevid, most of which are entirely new. Some have guitars by Josh and Makoto from AcidMothersGong, from the You'n'gong time in 2OO3, worked by Orlando into soundscapes ('Memory', 'Time Dilation').

Gilli conceived and produced the album, (production on their individual songs by daevid and Orlando), it was engineered by Greg McClain and the cover Art is by daevid. There are many contrasts and surprises in some of the landscapes, interspersed by themes of great beauty, as there has generally been with Gong music, innovating, not following any one style.

  1. End St. Station (Gilli Smyth)
  2. Sacrifice (daevid allen/Gilli Smyth)
  3. Melting Love (Orlando Allen)
  4. Slinky Ones (Orlando Allen)
  5. River Song (daevid allen/Harry Williamson)
  6. Ship of Fools (daevid allen)
  7. Midnight Sun (Orlando Allen)
  8. Undeniably (Orlando Allen)
  9. Time Dilation (Orlando Allen, Lyrics Gilli Smyth)
  10. Hungry Lion (Orlando Allen)
  11. Mechanical Schoolmistress (daevid allen)
  12. Palestine (music: Al Khimiya Band; lyrics: Gilli Smyth)
  13. Memory
  • Gilli Smyth {Spoken Word: 1,8; Voice: 9,12; Backing vocal: 6; Wolf voice: 4}
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar: 5; Guitar: 6; Vocals: 2,6}
  • Orlando Allen {Backing Arrangement and Synthesiser: 6; Strings: 7}
  • Harry Williamson {12-string guitar: 5,8}
  • Josh Pollock {Guitar: 9,13}
  • Kawabata Makoto Guitar: 9,13}
  • Scott Tinkler {Trumpet: 3}
  • Simon Crosbie {Harmonica: 1}
  • Sam McClain {Drums: 2; Sound effects/Announcement: 1}
  • Aryun Carkeet {Bass and Guitar: 2}
  • Dave Ades {Sax: 3}
  • Clara Quennfranc {Song: 1; Vocals: 2,4}
  • Efendi Jaenudin Penpen {Flute, Gamela, Other Instruments: 7}
  • Ren Waterfall {Tablas: 8}
  • Gerard Lunton {Drums: 8}
  • Steve Holt {Sazta and Flute: 12}