planet gong bazaar


Gilli Smyth



Ethereal, spacey, dignified and very, very Gilli - addressing matters otherworldly and timeless and yet so now. Recorded in early 2012 with Orlando at the controls. Those of you who were lucky enough to catch one of the Autumn 2012 Gong gigs that Gilli was able to attend on what will certainly be her last tour on this side of the world know how she transformed each event by her presence. This CD is a fitting celebration of that energy, her vibration - herself in fact. There is a very elegant movement through the shorter pieces which often flow together as one. Beautiful tri-fold didgi-pak sleeve.


  1. Gateway
  2. Landscapes
  3. Avatar
  4. Taliesen
  5. Whisper From The Other Shore
  6. Truckstop On The Highway
  7. Walled Garden
  8. Sirens Of The Overworld
  9. Dark Angel
  10. Paradise Lost
  11. Materasu
  12. Arcadia
  13. L'eau
  14. Quantum
  15. Freedub
  16. Portal
  17. Paradise


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