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Live at Kozfest 2017

Dakini DKRCD110 (2018)

Classic, ravey partytime at Kozfest. Live versions of their classic tracks. Dancing trousers on! Because their gigs are such fun Global member and Mr Invisible Brian Abbott has long desired to put out an album of their live set. Mr Global, Nigel Shaw was not so convinced. Luckily for us all who have ever cut a rug at one of the quite rare Global events Brian's Taurian persistence got there in the end. A great gig, very good multitrack recording and Brian's work at his Tiny Temple studio, and voila! Nigel really likes it as well. Colourful card digipak .

Tracks: [54'46]
  1. Eat the Ancestors [10'02] (Shaw)
  2. Snog the Dog [7'17] (Shaw)
  3. Tuatha na gig [9'35] (Shaw)
  4. Didge na gig [7'32] (Shaw/Farrenden)
  5. Resin and Root [9'14] (Shaw/Hillyer)
  6. Skeleton Lords [10'29] (Shaw/Abbott)
  7. Outro [0'37] (Global)
  • Nigel Shaw {Keyboards, Synths, Flutes}
  • Brian Abbott {Guitar, Gliss guitar}
  • Shaun Farrenden {Didgeridus}
Special guest:
  • Leaf Hillyer {Synths, Soundsacapes, Electronica}
  • Mark Robson {Didgeridu on track 2}