planet gong bazaar


Goddess T

Electric Shiatsu

Voiceprint VP205CD

Great organic, psychedelic, ambient trance by Gilli Smyth, with daevid allen and others guesting. The very last copies from the record company. Recorded in Byron Bay, Australia, by Gilli and the Goddess T collective, who include son Orlando, also the producer. A beautifully unique album which is often favourably compared with Gilli and Steffe's wonderful 'Even As We' Glo. Distinguished guests include daevid allen on Gliss guitar and the most excellent Greg Sheehan on percussion.


  1. It's a Strange Place Here
  2. Sugar Path
  3. Sirius Ma
  4. Little Whale
  5. Ali Baba
  6. Strange Place, part 2
  7. Triple Helix
  8. Journey of the White Whale


  • Gilli Smyth space whisper, vocals
  • Orlando Allen programming, drums
  • Tony Wandella bass, synthesizers
  • Nick Spacetree drums
  • daevid allen glissando guitar
  • Mark Hewins midi guitar
  • Greg Sheehan percussion
  • Cleis Pearce violin