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artwork Goddess Trance
Goddess Trance
GAS CD 011

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Live psychedelic ambient trance, with Gilli Smyth.

Limited edition of 500 copies. Based around the axis of Orlando Allen and friends with Gilli Smyth this ambient trance CD was recorded live at a celebratory new year's eve dance party in Byron Bay, Australia. daevid allen guests throughout on glissando guitar.

  1. Bb in Trees -
  2. Rocks and Fish -
  3. Universal Mind
  4. Bird Wobble
  5. Doomerang Dreams
  6. Planet Eggs Crack
  7. 11th of the 11th
  8. Distant Future
  • Orlando Allen {Acoustic and electric drums}
  • Dr Tone {Subsonicbass, samples, sequences}
  • Nick Spacetree {Keyboards}
  • Kavi {Flute, penny whistles, bells, clicksticks, xylophone, chorus voice}
  • Gilli Smyth {Spoken word, spacewhisper vocals}
  • daevid allen {Glissando and rhythm guitar, voice}
  • Taliesin {Congas}