planet gong bazaar
artwork Gong
25th Birthday Party
Voiceprint/GAS 101CD | 1996

(Sorry, all gone.)

Live 'classic' Gong at 25th anniversary gig.

Double CD multi-track recording of the Gong 25th Birthday concerts in 1994. The classic, Gong band play through the 'Flying Teapot', 'Angel's Egg', 'You' trilogy and much of 'Camembert Electrique. Great playing, great recording and the out of this world celebratory atmosphere beautifully captured.

With 12 page illustrated full colour booklet.

Disc 1: [67.45]
  1. Thom Intro
  2. Floating into a Birthday Gig
  3. You Can't Kill Me
  4. Radio Gnome
  5. I Am Your Pussy
  6. Pot Head Pixies
  7. Never Glid Before
  8. Sad Street
  9. Eat That Phonebook
  10. Gnomic Address
  11. Flute Salad
  12. Oily Way
  13. Outer Temple / Inner Temple
  14. She is The Great Goddess
  15. IAOM Riff
Disc 2: [41.55]
  1. Clouds Again
  2. TriCycle Gliss
  3. Get A Dinner
  4. Zero Where Are You?
  5. Be Who You Are My Friends
  6. It's the World of Illusion
  7. Why Don't You Try
  8. I Am You
  9. Introducing the Musicians