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In the '70s
Voiceprint VP406CD | 2006-10-09

(Sorry, all gone.)

A welcome return - a deep in the stock-cupboard find. Prime previously unheard Gong recordings.

Compiled by daevid from the Bananamoon Observatory collection in aid of Tim Blake. The first 9 tracks are the classic '73 line-up sans Gilli, live and well recorded. Many thing make this release absolutely worth the entry price for any Gong fan, Steve's 'Om Riff' solo, daevid's scat singing with Tim's harmonica and Steve's guitar picking on 'Flowers Gone', and appropriately enough, given the main beneficiary of this release, Tim's synth playing throughout.

Next follows clean muscular workouts of 'Tropical Fish', without vocals and 'Selene'. Followed by a great little window into a Gong special rehearsal session with 'Never Glid Before' and 'Oily Way'. A bit furry sound-wise round the edges, but so relaxed, especially Mr Howlett.

The rare live, somewhere in France, 1972 outing for the Continental Circus 'Blues For Finlay' was briefly available on a bootleg CD of the album, but the very limited supplies of those disappeared almost a decade ago. Funky sax from Didier and daevid wah-wahing away - then off it goes, deep weirdness, gliss, spacewhisper, Didier blowing sax galaxies, daevid incantations, and Mac Poole holding it all together - Love it, I wish there were more recordings of '71 and '72 - maybe more will turn up?

Average deep-ish, not just the deepest of Gongsters can approach with the certainty of pleasure and enjoyment. Many tracks and sections would have happily graced 'Live Etc' or 'The Peel Sessions' - nothing duff to these 'ere ears, but then I do run GAS…or does it run me? Never could work that out.

I want more.

Tracks: [66'00]
  1. Eat That Phonebook [2'38]
  2. End of the Day [0'55]
  3. A PHP's Advice [0'47]
  4. Om Riff [7'59]
  5. Flower's Gone [4'35]
  6. I've Been Stoned Before [3'38]
  7. Long Shanks [1'57]
  8. O Mother [1'12]
  9. Holy Mystery [6'23]
  10. Tropical Fish (studio rehearsal) [4'47]
  11. Selene [3'07]
  12. Never Glid Before (special rehearsal) [6'36]
  13. Oily Way (special rehearsal) [5'28]
  14. Blues for Finlay (Live 1972) [13'25]
  15. Benamou's announcement [0'59]
  16. 'I don't know encore [2'14]
  • Tim Blake{Synthesizers, Harmonica, Vocals}
  • Steve Hillage{Lead Guitar, Vocals}
  • Didier Malherbe{Tenor Sax}
  • Pierre Moerlen{Drums}
  • Mike Howlett{Bass}
  • daevid allen{Vocals, Rhythm and Gliss guitar}
  • Christian Tristch {Bass track 10,14,16}
  • Mac Poole {Drums track 14,16}
  • Pip Pyle {Drums track 10}
  • Gilli Smyth{Vocals, Spacewhisper tracks 10,14,16}