planet gong bazaar
artwork Dashiell Hedayat
Mantra MAN 05 06 143 | 2005

(Sorry, no longer available.)

The 'lost' Gong album - a psychedelic classic.

Recorded by the 'Camembert Electrique' band in early Summer 1971 with the same engineer (Gilles Salle) and Venux de Luxe. Gong provide music as only they can for Dashiell Hedayat's psych classic - wonderful stuff.

This is a triple fold-out didgi-pak edition with an eight page French lyric booklet.

And as it says on the back of the LP cover: "Warning - This record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody."

  1. Eh, Mushroom, Will you mush my room?
  2. Chrysler
  3. Fille de L'ombre
  4. Long Song for Zelda
  5. Cielo Drive/17
  • daevid allen {Lead guitar}
  • William Burroughs { Vocals on 'Long Song for Zelda'}
  • Dashiell Hedayat { Solo Guitar: 1,4, all lead vocals, keyboards, cosmic-hedayat-rumble and cut-ups}
  • Didier Malherbe {Bloomdiddo-saxo, flute and water music}
  • Pip Pyle {Drums, here there and everywhere; also groovey guitar on track 4}
  • Gilli Smyth {Wet pleasure shout and intergalatic-space-whisper}
  • Christian Tritsch { Bass and acoustic guitar}
  • Sam Wyatt {baby song - he is five years old, you know}