planet gong bazaar

Rich Goodhart
Earth Spiral Water Sound
Beginner's Mind Productions BMP 0405 || 2004-11-09 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Smooth, organic 'Earth Tribe' release with daevid allen guesting.

An effortless heart-warming musical journey which the more I listen to the more I feel is a missing link between Didier's Hadouk Trio albums (all those earthy instruments perhaps), and the glissando-rich 'Sacred Geometry' or 'Stroking The Tail of The Bird' albums and Silver On The Tree's, devotional tribal acapella CD 'Morning Glory' - all very good places to come from.

daevid's contributions are perfect, with some flying well recorded glissando and uniquely endearing vocals on four of the twelve tracks. He seemlessly slips into place in an album of what I would describe as pure spirit-Gong-tribe music. You just know that something similar in feel is being played in Glastonbury, in Byron Bay and all over the place right now, in fact it probably has to be to keep us alive and spinning through space on the Mother-orb.

It comes packaged in a triple-fold didgi-pak cover that is most elegantly done and has enough space to acknowledge the many fine musicians and others Rich Goodhart has gathered round him to help him envision this album. It has taken me a while to get to this excellent CD and bring it to your attention (sorry Rich), but I found it well worth the wait, and I'm sure many of you will as well.

All music and lyrics by Rich Goodhart except where noted.
Tracks : [72'46]
  1. Prelude: Entering The Spiral Sound [0'38]
  2. The Invitation [6'42]
  3. I Thought I Was Dreaming [4'02] (R. Goodhart/daevid allen, Lyrics: daevid allen) -
  4. Turning On To The Sun [7'50] -
  5. It's Always There [8'07]
  6. Place Of Power [7'11]
  7. Tree Spirits [6'29]
  8. Through The Window [1'42]
  9. Hey Ya Ho Ya [7'16]
  10. A Dream It Was Thought I [4'32] (R. Goodhart/daevid allen, Lyrics: daevid allen)
  11. So It Glows [4'17]
  12. Sound Spiral Water Light [13'05]
  • Rich Goodhart {Dousongoni, dulcitar, sanza, African drums (djembe, sogo,kidi,ashiko), talking drums, doumbek, frame drums, kanjira, clay pot, udu, bendir, bazouki, melodica, jaw harps,keyboards, bamboo sticks, berimbau, conga, shakers, tambourine, bells, quartz bowls. All male chant, chorus and lead vocals except as noted.}
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar: 2, 3, 6, 10, lead vocals: 3, 10, vocals: 6}
  • Liana Turner {Vocals: 2, 9}
  • Alysun Panichi {Vocal: 2, 5, 9}
  • Kate McDonnell {Vocals: 4, 8}
  • Ray Jung {Bass: 4}
  • Joanne Shenandoah {Vocals: 5}
  • Steve Gorn {Bansuri Bamboo Flute: 6, 11}
  • Brian Kolins {Wind Gong, Suspended Cymbal: 6}
  • Bar Scott {Vocals: 9}
  • Jim Ballard {Vocals: 9}
  • Amy Fradon {Vocals: 11}
  • Katy Taylor {Vocals: 11}