planet gong bazaar
artwork Here & Now
Gospel of Free
Live 1976-78

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Powerful, live improvised, psychedelic space rock.

Powerful live improvising psychedelic space rock recorded at Free Festivals and urban squats in the late '70s with wonderfully re-mastered sound. A fitting testament to Beautiful (or Floating) Anarchy, the ethos of the Festival Movement of which Here & Now were such a vital component. With a great 32 page booklet full of photographs and written history of those crazy but uplifting times.

Tracks: [59'32]
  1. Hairy Barber -
  2. Fredest Air Travels
  3. Bom Shiva Shanka
  4. Soviet Kommercial Radio
  5. Strawberry
  6. Summer's Coming -
  • Keith Missile {Bass, Vocals}
  • Kif Kif {Drums, Vocals}
  • Steffe Sharpstrings {Guitar, Vocals}
  • Gavin da Blitz {Synths, Vocals}
  • Annie Wombat {Vocals}
  • Bella {Vocals}
Guests on track 6:
  • Gilli Smyth {Spacewhisper}
  • George Bishop {Saxophone}