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Harry Williamson

Gypsy Suite

Blueprint BP189CD

Harry Williamson and Anthony Phillips' beautiful semi-classical Guitar Pieces. Mother Gong's Harry Williamson and Anthony Phillips - friends since the late sixties - recorded these beautiful pieces in '75 and '78. In fact their Gypsy Suite recordings resulted in them being offered a deal by Virgin's Caroline off-shoot, which they declined (how would things be if they had accepted?). The Tarka pieces are very well recorded, intimate demos of what eventually was released in it's full multi-instrumental glory in 1987. A gentle, highly evocative and richly melodic release.


  • Gypsy Suite
    • Movement I - First Light
    • Movement II - Siesta
    • Movement III - Evening Circle
    • Movement IV - The Crystal Ball
  • Tarka
    • Movement I - The Early Years
    • Movement II
      1. Streams River and Salmon Hunting
      2. Dunes and Estuary
      3. Moonfield (Postscript)


  • Harry Williamson 6‑string guitar, bass, piano, autoharp, percussion, glissando guitar, echoes
  • Anthony Phillips 12‑string guitar, piano, synthesizer, organ, percussion