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artwork Hadouk
Naïve NV812811 | 2008-01-21

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Pure live magic.

Hard to believe that they could get better - but they do, here's the proof. Hadouk's 5th album was recorded live at Les Cabaret Sauvages on 22nd and 23rd May 2007 and is superb. There seems to be an added dimension greater heart to their playing, which is stunning as usual. Some of the soundscapes that emerge are very special, and if you need to see how they are doing it there is always the DVD. I'm still absorbing this delicate feast of music and will report back further as it all sinks in.

Also available 'Baldamore' DVD - only one duplicate track.

Tracks: [65'42]
  1. Baldamore (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [5'49]
  2. Baldamore (cont.) (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [4'54]
  3. Train Bleu des Savanes (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [6'46]
  4. Train Bleu des Savanes (cont.) (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [2'11]
  5. Hijaz (Shehan) [5'09]
  6. Nnew (Malouma Mint Meidah) [5'05]
  7. Nnew (cont.) (Malouma Mint Meidah) [3'38]
  8. Tourneblues (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [7'33]
  9. Dragon de Lune (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [4'59]
  10. Likembè-Vole (Shehan) [2'57]
  11. Érèboni Solo (Didier Malherbe) [3'28]
  12. Parasol Blanc 1 (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [3'28]
  13. Parasol Blanc 2 (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [3'28]
  14. Bal des Oiseaux (Ehrlich/Malherbe) [3'28]
  • Loy Ehrlich {Gumbass, Hajouj, Kora, Claviers}
  • Didier Malherbe {Doudouk, Flûtes, Bansouri, Pipeau, Hongrois, Khen, Toupies, Ocarina}
  • Steve Shehan {Djembé, Congas, Toms, Derboukas, Shakers, Calebasse, Waterphone, Daf Hang, Handsonic, Cymbals, Cloches, Archets}
  • Malouma Mint Meidah {Chant, Ardine}
  • Bachar Khalife {Bongos, Rikk}
  • Nicolas Genest {Trompette}