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Hadouk Now
Celluloid 67039-2 || 2002-11-04 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, out of stock.)

Brilliant Live Hadouk CD.

Gorgeous melodic music by Gong's master musician and the Hadouk Trio.


Tracks: [56'59]
  1. Alma Celesta[5'23] (Shehan)
  2. Théâtre des Singes[5'26] (Malherbe, Ehrlich, Shehan)
  3. Barca Solaris[5'30] (Malherbe, Ehrlich)
  4. Nacarat[7'08] (Malherbe, Ehrlich)
  5. Le petit cheval Mopse[6'33] (Malherbe, Ehrlich)
  6. Grand Large[6'12] (Malherbe, Ehrlich)
  7. Polar Blues[4'50] (Malherbe, Ehrlich, Shehan)
  8. O'Shenan Drum[2'02] (Shehan)
  9. Billie en Tête[5'05] (Malherbe, Ehrlich, Shehan)
  10. Échappade[1'14] (Ehrlich)
  11. Échappée Belle[7'36] (Malherbe, Ehrlich, Shehan)
  • Didier Malherbe {Doudouk, Flute, Saxophones}
  • Loy Ehrlich {Hajouj, Kora, Sanza, Claviers}
  • Steve Shehan {Percussion}
  • Peter Herbert {Contrabass: 3,6}
  • Danyel Waro {Vocals: 11}
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