planet gong bazaar
artwork Here & Now
Give & Take
Tin Toy TTCD 015 | 10.2013

Surging, affirming 1978 debut album

Prime early Here & Now. Steffe, Keith, Gavin, Kif Kif, Annie and Suze trip the light fantastic - they trip it still.

Limited number available.

Suze and Gavin may be gone but the music they lived and helped create lives on. More than 40 years have passed since this album was released, but the uniquely aware, youthful optimism still shines on. Never give up on the magic, it never gives up on you - it just waits until you choose to rediscover it once more.

Jewelcase with the most simple of 4 page booklets.

Tracks: [39.31]
  1. What You See Is What You Are [5.23]
  2. Nearer Now [5.42]
  3. Grate Fire Of London [7.34]
  4. This Time [04.46]
  5. Seventies Youth [5.01]
  6. Improvisation [11.05]
  • Steffy Sharpstrings {Guitar, vocals}
  • Gavin Da Blitz {Keyboard, synth}
  • Keith Da Missile Bass {Bass, vocals}
  • Kif Kif Le batter {Drums, guitar, vocals}
  • Suze da Blooze and Annie Wombat {Choir of Angels}