planet gong bazaar


Here & Now

Live In London

4 Zero Records FZ012 (2013)

London, Camden, Dingwalls - scene of many a scene. Great live album. Absolute prime Here & Now. Steffe, Keith, Steve and Gwyo rip it up and fly the flag in deepest Camden, supporting, er…, well supporting themselves (with the addition of daevid allen) as Planet Gong - in fact Planet Gong's last gig to date. Fantastic quality live recording and mixed so well by Steffe and Keith. Gatefold card wallet without plastic CD tray.

Here & Now conjure muscularly quicksilver live versions of UFOasis tracks, three older favourites wonderfully re-visited, a couple of beautiful new tracks, probably destined to only ever be on this release, and some superb psychedelically spacey jamin' that could only be them. To these ears if this isn't their finest album it's dam as well near it.

Track one was recorded live at Exeter's Phoenix Arts Centre with Joie Hinton (once of Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static) on keys and synths, all the other tracks are live at Dingwalls on 28th June 2007 with Gwyo Zepix (once of Zorch and Gong) on the electronic 'ivories'.

If this doesn't float your boat and get the blood pumping and you can't wait to get hold of a copy there are only three possibilities, you never actually liked Here & Now in the first place, you are skint (don't worry everything will change), or you are in fact dead and no-one has told you - please check your pulse. This is HERE & NOW.


  1. Intro
  2. Touched By Time
  3. Love Of This World
  4. Crazy Lives
  5. Telly Song
  6. Moonrise
  7. Underground Dub
  8. Rattle The Cage
  9. Only Way
  10. Near And How


  • Steffy Sharpstrings guitar, vocals
  • Keith tha Bass bass, vocals
  • Steve Cassidy drums
  • Gwyo Zepix dynths, keyboards, vocals
  • Joie Hinton synths, keyboards 1