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Coaxed Out From Oxford
4 Zero Records FZ004 | 2007-10-22

(Sorry, all gone.)

Limited Edition of 1000 of a classic well recorded live early '80's Here & Now gig - brilliant!

Lovingly re-mastered version of their 1983 live multi-tracked recorded, self produced tape, 'Coaxed Out From Oxford', plus bonus tracks from a raucous show at the Polytechnic of Wales, photos, and liner notes from 'Le Missile'. Great didgi-pak artwork and a 8 page booklet.

It's the spring of 1983, and having just released the highly acclaimed album, 'Fantasy Shift', and embarked on a yet another intense touring schedule the band were trying to capture the essence of what they were doing live - 'Le Missile' takes up the story:

"People were hassling everywhere we played for a good live album - and that was proving less easy to achieve than we'd thought at first. We tried all sorts of ways to get it down well - the live set at the time - using batteries of tape machines, cassette recorders, live mics, off line recordings. But nothing seemed to do the job to our satisfaction."

So along came Tony Gudge, an old friend of ours, who offered to front up the money to pay for a proper 8 track mobile recording outfit to come and capture it.

"We spent a fortnight after the gig jiggling, re-recording a vocal or two, and generally squeezing, coaxing and cajoling absolutely the best sound we possibly could from it…hence the title. Although I'm well aware that some of you out there might have other ideas on that - we're not going down that road just now…are we.."

"What you hear on this record is the result, digitally re-mastered with loving care to produce what - in my opinion - is a CD that sounds better than the original master, and I'm not easy to please!"

Tracks: [73'48]
  1. 23 Skidoo [4'28]
  2. Heart of the City [3'43]
  3. The Mega Number [5'50]
  4. Salvador [3'21]
  5. Ways To Be Free [5'43]
  6. Theatre [4'28]
  7. Heartbeat [5'25]
  8. Fantasy Shift [4'16]
  9. Secrets [9'45]
  10. Opium For The People [5'17]
  11. Glad You're Here [4'49]
  12. Last Chance [6'39]
  13. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein [2'44]
  14. Jimmy Mac [7'14]
  • Keith 'Le Missile Bass' Bailey {Bass, vocals}
  • Dino Ferrari {Guitars, vocals}
  • Gavin da Blitz {Keyboards, vocals}
  • Paul Rose {Drums}