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Temple of the Moon Goddess
Dakini DKRCD106 || 2007-03 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

…Goddess of the Moon, my mind is made of you.

Nine aspects of the Moon Goddess tuned into and honoured in music, words and painting. As we have just seen and felt with the recent lunar eclipse - the moon has a powerful effect on the ways of humans. What better way to understand this than to emerse oneself in it's energies, 'fluences and their ancient representations - and see what happens.

Brian and Jackie have been doing this very thing, quietly working on this project for more than a year, and the result wonderfully demonstrates just what can be woven into the warp and weft and achieved amongst the hurly-burly of everyday life/work and child rearing if you are inspired and focus on the right things. They have employed all manner of musics and atmospheres and some great words to reach their vision, from the hauntingly beautiful Floydian/Deya-esque song 'Maia', my personal favourite right now, to the powerful and scary 'Kali'.

The paper parts of the CD fold out to reveal Jackie's full colour paintings of the nine moon deities, cards of which are available from their web-site. There is also in the pipe-line a 12 page booklet on the making of the album and the concept behind it. The CD is available directly from Brian and Jackie at, or by ordering right here and now.

Tracks: [55'37]
  1. Lilth [8'47]
  2. Dakini [8'24]
  3. Athena [2'57]
  4. Hecate [3'16]
  5. Maia [9'43]
  6. Coatlicue [6'15]
  7. Kali [6'56]
  8. Yemaya [5'35]
  9. Ishtar [3'30]
  • Brian Abbott {Acoustic and electric guitars, glissando guitar, Tibetean bells, butterfly cocoon rattles, keyboards, programming, vocals}
  • Jackie Juno {Vocals, flutes, stones, bones, butterfly cocoon rattles, percussion, lyrics}