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artwork Steve Hillage Band
Live at Madison Square Gardens 1977 CD
Cleopatra CLP 2222 | 18.9.2015

(Sorry, all gone.)

Great, punchy, spacey 1977 live recording + 2 bonus latecomer tracks

Direct from Steve's tape archive

Recorded on the Steve Hillage band's only tour of North America in the '70s when they supported on ELO's Jan-Feb 1977 Tour. As a support act your aim is to make a powerful impression on an audience most of whom have not come to to see you, probably in a relatively short time. It can be a tough gig. You need to hit the ground running and not let up during your alloted slot - give it your very best. And that's exactly what the Steve Hillage Band do on this vibey live recording from the iconic Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

The 6 piece band, the largest of the Steve Hillage Bands, who made their live debut at the Hyde Park free concert the previous Summer, were a very well-oiled, inspired outfit and deliver a blistering live set based around tracks from the 'L' album. The quality of the playing is matched by clarity of the desk or soundboard recording which is a joy to the ears. May the opening of Steve's tape archives reveal more such delights.

As the Madison Square Gardens set, included here in it's musical entirety, was just 50 minutes long there's a bit of space on the CD. So generous folk that they are, the American label have included two rather incongruous 'bonus' tracks that have a Steve guitaring dimension. Both were recorded in the past 5 years and are quite fun and interestingly weird.

Fetching, colourful gatefold card sleeve with a informative fully annotated, 12 page illustrated booklet.

This recording is not included in the 22 CD 'Searching for the Spark' Steve Hillage box-set.

  1. The Salmon Song [7.01] (Hillage, Guirady)
  2. Hurdy Gurdy Glissando [12.00] (Hillage, Guirady)
  3. Hurdy Gurdy Man [7.00] (Leitch)
  4. Lunar Musick Suite [10.27] (Hillage, Guirady)
  5. Meditation of the Dragon [4.25] (Hillage)
  6. It's All Too Much [9.05] (Harrison)
  7. Are We To Believe? with Rick Wakeman (Exclusive version) [7.12] (B Sherwood)
  8. Rocket Man with William Shatner (Exclusive version) [4.34] (E. John, B. Taupin)
  • Steve Hillage {Guitars, Vocals}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Synthesiser, Vocals}
  • Christian Boulez {Rhythm Guitar, Glissando Guitar}
  • Basil Brooks {Synthesiser, Flute}
  • Colin Bass {Bass, Vocals}
  • Clive Bunker {Drums}
  • Phil Hodge {Keyboards}